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Product DevelopmentProduction for broadcast requires several very specific aspects... the frequency response allowed by the channel (radio, television, trade show, personal music device/smart phone, or web), the target demographic, and the intended goals of the client.

This type of production involves talent, content and several overlapping technologies. It also requires a very strong understanding of what "quality" actually means, in a 64kbps-audio-content-delivered world.

"Talent" refers to voice-over artists or announcers, as well as specialized musicians, celebrities, corporate team members and customers. "Content" refers to music beds (mine or others'), sound effects, location recording, video and still image production and more. "Overlapping Technologies" refer to analog and digital recording, both in studio and on location; digital assembly and editing, and mastering for the desired media channel.

I still believe the key ingredients to producing highest quality broadcast content are 1.) the ability to hear accurately, and having calibrated, proven monitoring sources to reveal content and define choices. 2.) the good sense to create or utilize excellent source material (high quality originals) 3.) an intrinsic understanding of the purpose for which the production is designed.

In my candid opinion, the biggest challenge in broadcast production going forward is public apathy in regards to quality. Technologically, our current era is firmly set on low bandwidth content as "acceptable", if not preferred. What separates the sheep from the goats is attention to detail. It's why "Late Show with Steven Colbert " looks so clear and defined on HDTV 1080p, and why "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (720p) looks less clarified. The same can be said for what makes a radio spot pop, a trade show piece dazzle and a television commercial look simply better.

The utilization and application of "tricks-of-the-trade", acquired from years of broadcast production experiences, makes a terrific difference in the quality and potential longevity of any customer's presentation.

In addition to serving many clients directly, I have been and continue to be honored to serve many other organizations and agencies with this important technical service—as a sub contractor.

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