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Product DevelopmentAdvertising. Communication. Public Relations. Marketing. Blah, blah, blah.

The reality is, if you have a business that provides goods or services, you compete. The elusive question is, "how?"

Your public image will only hold water if your goods and/or services make the grade. The simple challenge is to create bona fide word of mouth promotion of your business. There is no substitution for word of mouth, and in the current reality of rampant social media distribution channels, I would attempt to further the concept into "world of mouth."

In our current era, content is king, and imaging should promote content. (News flash: content has always been king, even if many have sought to disprove the axiom). This is rarely the case with a many a company's promotional efforts, which creates an odd disconnect between the promotion and the end user of the goods or services.

My goal in working with a client is to unequivocally expose what the goods or services are all about, and also to include the personality of the company itself—including the company's team members, management and its existing customer base. Once the "who, what and where" are thoroughly revealed, then creative concepts for promotional design, as well as the distribution channels to get the word out, can be established and developed.

There are thousands of advertising agencies on planet Earth. Many of them do exceptional work. Many more do less. I have the great fortune to be networked with a group of extremely talented individuals across a wide variety of creative and technical disciplines. This experienced group enhances the production capabilities I provide to create a nearly infinite array of possibilities. From logo to television, web to social media—somewhere in there is the right content and channel mix for your company.

Brand awareness and an increase in market share are my goals for each client. When in "marketing mode" I never leave the larger world of my services. This difference offers your company promotional results that are broadly considered from a significant level of personal experience.

Not every company or organization has the ability to be candid about itself. For companies and small businesses who are unclear about their public perception as well as their path forward, I believe a simple conversation can be very illuminating. The results of this type of mutually beneficial interview are often the building blocks to very successful promotional and public relations campaigns.


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