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Product DevelopmentBeauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The long history and current development of my work with "pixels" has been considerable. I have been working with Adobe® Photoshop® since software version 1.0. I also own professional Canon cameras and lenses. I am fully fluent in all programs of Adobe's CS Suite, as well as other secondary plugins and specialized addtions to the Suite.

The primary (albeit simple) goal—whether is original graphic design, layout, logo, photography or photographic editing—or some practical combination, is to reveal the essential source. To maintain and promote resonance at the same time as creating visual impact.

Human beings collect information via a considerable array of senses, but sight—visuals—remains one of the most developed.

Brief examples of the nearly 40,000 images and graphic design files sitting on my office servers are offered here:

Print samples

and here:

Photographic samples



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