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Product DevelopmentMusic I have conceived, performed, and recorded has been a feature of radio, television and films for thirty years. In the process, the music has earned 12 National Academy of Television and Sciences regional Emmy® Nominations, and five Emmy® Awards.

It remains a continuing pleasure to work closely with talented producers, directors, film companies, broadcast firms and organizations seeking original, unique and appropriate music scores and beds.

My creative headquarters, besides being laden with graphical hardware, is additionally outfitted with a very capable audio recording facility, featuring an array of musical instruments and recording equipment.

If you are located in the Northeast, you can hear my original music behind the interstitial station identification and a considerable quantity of the original documentaries, and weekly programs of Vermont Public Television.

In addition, you can find some of my contemporary work located at BandCamp.

I have often been asked what my primary instrument for composing has been. My simple answer is whatevery instrument I happen to have in my hands.

Music is perhaps the most universal communication method for humanity. I bring years of music production and performance experience to clients, but also the cross pollination of my other disciplines, which greatly assists in creating suitable music for specific purpose.



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