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Our clients put their faith in the services we provide.  We wouldn't be here without them.
Here is a cross section of several (but far from all) of the clients we have served. (Please scroll down for Testimonials)

A.R. Foss, Inc.  •  Ann Roche Casual Furniture  •  Aubuchon Hardware   •  Authentic Log Homes of Vermont
AVE,LLC  •  Aviation Music  •  Barb Smorgans Productions  •  Belle Maison  •  Ben Scotch, Esq./Outsider Music
NoŽl/Iris Productions  •  Brystie, Inc  •  Cassel Music  •  Casella Waste Management
Catamount Mortgage Group, Inc.  •  Central Vermont Council on Aging  •  Copley Professional Services Group
Choice Hotels International  •  Christmas Loft   •  Community College of VermontCMFCVTCollege Find
Conquest USA  •  Copley Health Systems  •  Country Home Centers  •  The Craftsbury Chamber Players
 David Budbill  • David Kraus • Decart, Inc.  •  Downs Rachlin & Martin, P.C.  •  Film Garden Entertainment
Fran Stoddard Video  •  Fred’s Import Specialists  •  Gallant, Hauser & Lampert. P.C.
Geer Sound & Communications  •  Gold Brook Video  •  Green Mountain Landscaping
Green Mountain Sports Specialties  •  Green Mountain Technology & Career Ctr  •  The Ground Hog Opry
H.A. Manosh Corp  •  Hartigan Company  •  Hazelett Corporation  •  Hickok & Boardman-Stowe
Holy Cross Church  •  Home Security & Management  •  Jody Petersen Voice Productions
John M. Rosenfeld Consulting  •  Joes Collision Repair Center • Jones/Stoweboxerwear
Kip RossKoSA International Percussion WorkshopsLake Champlain Productions
Langdell Paperworks  •  LBETA  •  LCMHS  •  LCPC  •  LeRoux Brothers Transmissions  •  Linda Stoler
Lisman Webster Kirkpatrick & Leckerling, P.C  •  Manley Laboratories, Inc.  •  Meg Chambers  •  Microsoft
Mel Bay Publications  • Mitsubishi Electric Research LaboratoriesNHC Hearthstone Corporation
Notch Above Tours  • Odyssey Productions of Vermont  •  OntoTheNext  •  P.H. Edwards Fine Furniture  •  Pam McCann
Nomad Films  •  Radiant Imaging, Inc.  •  ReBop Records/Diana Levine  •  Rusty D. Inc.   •  Rutland Regional Medical Center
Roy's Housing  •  Smart Communcation  •  Smuggler’s Notch Resort  • Dr. Steve Taubman • Stowe Soaring
Stowe Area Association  •  Stowe Performing Arts  •  Stoweflake Inn and Resort   •  Sunset Motor Inn   •  Suzanne L. Roberts
 Susan L. Woods  •  UltraMar Energy  •  The Garrett Hotel Group  •  The Rotary Club of Stowe, VT  • Thunder Mill Design
TNT Industries  •  Total Tax Service  •  Tundra Records Group •  Union Bank  • UVM Video Department
Valsangiacomo Detora McQuesten. P.C.  •  Vermont Fleece Co.  •  Vermont Deparment of State's Attorneys & Sheriffs
Vermont Interactive Television  •  Vermont Public Television  • Vermont Independent Network Association • VT State Police
Vermont Sky Digital Audio  •  Walsh, Inc.  •  Walt Disney Imagineering  •  Walt Disney World
West Street Digital •  Willinda, Inc.  •  WLIW-21 Long Island Public Television
The Writers Almanac/Garrison Keillor  •  Ye Olde England Inne


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c l i e n t   t e s t i m o n i a l s

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Peter for nearly a decade. He is one of the few individuals that you can trust to work in your best interests and not his own. Peter is a dedicated professional who delivers much more than marketing creative, he is a strategic asset that goes well beyond to learn your business, live your mission and help drive your firm to its vision. Peter is also a great value. He drastically under charges for what is delivered. He does not have a fancy office, support staff or other ancillary non-valued added costs. Your firm will get 100% valued added counsel and finished product. He regularly thinks about you and your firm, on his own time, without being directed...he is truly invested in your success. With all that...hang on! Peter is not a "Yes Man". He will push you in areas you thought you wouldn't go. His knowledge of strategic marketing and communications is keen and not to be overlooked. He will passionately push for what he thinks is right, but always respectfully execute what you wish. It is indeed my pleasure to recommend Peter without hesitation."

- Peter J. Wright, President & CEO at Valley Regional Healthcare


"You are a genius. Thank you so much for the sound sweetening."

 - Susan Bettman, Documentary Producer
Battle of White Plains Theatre Company


"...working with Peter could not be more of a pleasure.  100%!"

- Rusty DeWees,
Rusty D., Inc., a.k.a. the

"It was simply a pleasure to work with you and to watch your talent unfold as the scenes played.  I am grateful that you have become emotionally connected to the film. You can hear it on every note."

 - Shawn Sweeney, Independent Film Director and Producer


"Thanks for all your help and creative thoughts.  I look forward to our next session."

 - Vince Franke, Independent Film Director and Producer
Peregrine Productions

"Great Job on the 'Periwinkles' music.  I saw the finished television spots and was very impressed with how they turned out.  The real treat was watching you work, though.  It's clear that there is joy at the root of your process.  With that kind of energy, you can't miss.  Here's looking forward to many more collaborations in the future!"

- Jody Petersen, Jody Peterson Voice Productions


"...In desperation, the "experts" wandered over to Peter to see how he was doing, and, to their great surprise, he had it sounding better than anything they had ever accomplished in their many years in the lab!  Ever since, Peter has been indispensible to the project.  And if you ever get to hear one of these toys, then you'll know why the thing sounds so good. I don't know if they give Emmys for "Excellence in Toy Audio", but if they do, I nominate Peter!"

- Dr. Paul H. Dietz, Principal Technical Staff
Microsoft Research & Development / Founder MisApplied Sciences

"...his work has been efficient, thoughtful, thorough, and conducted with a high spirited sense of goodwill that transcends the intensity of the work"

- Enzo DiMaio, Executive Producer,
Vermont Public Television

"...Peter is not just an artist.  He possesses the technical skills necessary to operate and help others understand the power of today's technology and its use in media...I have seen him make the most "techno-phobic" individuals excited with the possibilities of technology in the media arts."

- David W. Geer, President,
Geer Sound & Communications, Inc.

"...He has a strong commitment to both his family and his profession.  He goes the extra mile with a dogged intensity, yet maintains sensitivity to his influence on others around him.

- Andrew J. Dombek
Hardware/Software Design and Development, Technical Consultant

"...As a Research and Development engineer, I appreciate the scarcity of highly skilled people who are also motivated and truly creative.  Peter is one such person, and I would consider him a valuable addition to any team, especially one involved in a technology based, communication oriented venue.

- James R. Robertson,
Robertsonics; Hardware/Software Design and Development, Technical Consultant, Director Walt Disney Imagineering

"...Your creativity has added enormously to the quality of these programs."

- Caro Thompson,
Emmy Award Winning Independent Television Producer
Broadwing Productions


"...he is very attuned to the mood and feeling a television program is trying to create, and his work reflects that sensitivity.  I'll look forward to our working together again.

- Paul Bloomhardt,
Producer, Nomad Films

"And the music is lovely...I'll never understand how you're able to compose such majesty in the matter of a morning.  Surely you are uniquely gifted."

 - Lynne McCrea, Series Producer
Vermont Public Television, Vermont Public Radio


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