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Motivational speakers. Self help videos & semimars. Gurus. Podcasts.

Current business owners are being crushed by opportunities to be assisted, whether it's from a tweet per day with a famous quote, or an inspirational poster of a recently hatched chick.

There's barge loads of self improvement and personal development aids available, but are these methods the most expedient, or the most salient way to talk about your business's challenges, or your own?

As an alternative, you may wish to consider the very simple aspect of sitting down with another entrepreneur, and experiencing a completely candid discussion about the state of your business, whether you own it, or lead it.

Business Therapy is a very grand term for having a meeting with a very well informed, inquisitive and thoughtful *outside* person. More than a business coaching session, but far less than a lie down with a psychaitrist, a business therapy session can yield a whole lot of opportunity. Business therapy is not, "mentoring, teaching, consulting, training, or tutoring, but may combine elements of any of these."

If I have the opportunity to meet with you, I provide a unique combination of knowledge, skills, experience, intuition, commitment, and a great deal of passion. This occurs within a non judgemental framework and with a "leaning in" bias toward listening.

Many businesses have been helped to clarify parts of their operation... from management to exit strategy, to finding more connections, to help define how a business grows. For most who take the time to meet, it's time well spent.

Call or email at your convenience, and see how someone else views your business potential.


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